18 Years Rocket Reflection

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At the beginning of May 2000 I stepped into It’s Yoga San Francisco for the first time. My time had come to take a formal month long yoga training. Larry was not at the studio yet so I sat down and observed the noon class. It had at least 20 students all looking very eager and capable and a very tall man with dread locks was leading the class, somehow he looked like yoga to me, as if I knew “what yoga looked like”. I felt a presence in that room that I had never felt before and it made my eyes bright and excited for the journey ahead.

A few hours later it was time for Larry to lead the Rocket practice that began at 4:30pm. I decided to put my things in a corner take the class. There was a lot going on in the room and I was soon to find out that the constant flow of people in and out was the norm. The class was fun and challenging and offered lots of movement. It was amazing for me to so many yogis that could actually do the poses and later found out that they were in my teacher training. So naturally I questioned myself if I was in the right place, and later I discovered I was exactly where I needed to be.Costa Rica Rocket Retreat

After class I saw Larry perched on a stool and walked over to him and thought to myself, “well this is him, and him doesn't look like what I thought he would,” but I was sure in that instance IT WAS HIM, my teacher. That feeling allowed my heart to open and for the following 11 years I was by his side as much as my schedule and home life in Cincinati would allow. When you find your teacher your heart opens up and you want to do things for them, like make them tea or rub their feet. It’s a very very special relationship and its hard to decribe it in words, sometimes when its happening you don't even realize that it is until a much later reflection. There are laws in the universe that bring people together and match nice souls. It’s all very interesting, as I fondly remember Larry saying.

Larry taught us about creating a routine for our day, our week, our month and our years and how by establishing yourself in a consistent yoga practice will only bring positive changes into your life. Larry taught us to believe in the practice and more importantly believe in ourselves as our most powerful teacher. He showed us that living in the unknown is ok as long as we relax and breathe and go with the flow. He took care of his students and was known for his generosity. Sometimes he was criticized for his methods because he was so unaffected by what other people thought.

Since my yoga training in San Francisco I have kept up with my Rocket practice and have found it to be truly sustainable, therapeutic, and healing. Is my practice changing all the time? Sure it is, Iv’e carried 2 children, loved, experienced loss, grief, joy, sickness and health the whole while coming back to the mat beginning with sun salutations and going into Rocket  sequences day after day week after week. Sometimes less is more sometimes more is more. The lifestyle begins to permeate itself into your whole being and everything becomes yoga. Every choice you make you notice how it affects your energy does it give or does it take and once you understand that, thats how you can really begin to change your life thru yoga Amber Gean Rocket Senior Instructor


Larry gave me the Rocket and that was one of the greatest gifts I could of ever received. But you must BELEVIE in the power and the magic. It’s all really about the magic thats what I’ve learned in 18 years. Only what you see with your eyes is real and everything else in make believe. BOM SHIVA!!!

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