Pura Vida Rocket May 2018

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The Dharma Bums

 “ There’s nothing wrong with you Ray, your only trouble is you never learned to get out to spots like this, you’ve let the world drown you in its horseshoe and you’ve been vexed” 

The power of the Rocket never ceases to amaze me. After 18 years of practice, I find myself in Costa Rica in a beach house with 12 other Rocket yogis. This happened in part because I met another Rocket yogi named Johanna in Nicaragua. She attended my training there and we had a nice connection. She lives in Costa Rica and runs a surf camp, so we felt that it was the perfect marrying.

Amber Gean  Espelage and Johanna Erikson

When you are in the experience, you are just that; “in it”. It takes time to reflect on everything at the retreat. I compare any training to giving birth, in this case, one full year of planning. Everyone except 2 yogis from Sweden were from the US so everyone was out of “their” country and, therefore out of their comfort zone. This allowed everyone to explore in a more free environment, while being supported with two lead Rocket classes a day, as well as some teacher training. After all, we were in Costa Rica. Even though it was a training, it also felt like a very special Rocket vacation we all got to go on. We had private surf lessons and homemade food straight from the ocean to the table. Wow, we ate good, thanks to Johanna and her mother Kiki who came all the way from Sweden to help support the training.

Some students chose to detox and avoid any alcohol , while some students chose to have a couple cocktails. The whole idea is that there is no right or wrong, everything is teaching us, we just have to be open to what the message is. The Rocket is about being adaptable to the environment that you find yourself in and knowing how to be self responsible for your inner peace. It’s about self love and respect. Respect for ourselves, respect for each other and all the energy that each person brings when a Rocket event like this occurs.

During the retreat you don’t always know where you are going. We are all in a new country and in the unknown. The whole idea is to get out of your day to day environment so you can see yourself differently.It reminds me of the trainings in San Francisco where most of us were in a new environment and that brought out different qualities in each of us. Larry would encourage all of us to transform from within, using the Rocket as a vehicle to study the self.

Sometimes you see how strong you are and sometimes you see what changes you need to make in your life.

"Over time the Rocket is a lot less about the poses but the healing work we all are doing". Larry Schultz 


Onward and upward Rocket Yogis! I love you all so much, lets keep it all going!


Rocket Girl

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