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What is the Rocket?

"Larry Schultz originally created the Rocket to make Ashtanga yoga more accessible to the masses" Amber Gean

Facts about The Rocket :

  • Based in traditional Ashtanga yoga
  • Offers routines for every day of the week
  • Named from Bobby Wier of the Grateful Dead
  • Original Power Yoga
  • Flourished in San Francisco at Larry's studio It's Yoga
  • Offers cross training methods to "get you there faster"
  • Is known for its fun transitions
  • Has lots of modifications for beginners
  • Today Larry's students continue the teaching 

The Rocket is a system and offers routines for everyday of the week. That is why the Rocket works it keeps your body and your life in balance. This is the practice schedule.

Sunday - Primary Series or Modified Primary

Monday - Rocket 1 or Bottle Rocket

Tuesday - Rocket 2 or Bottle Rocket

Wednesday - Rocket 2 or Bottle Rocket

Thursday - Primary Series or Modified Primary

Friday - Rocket 3 or Happy Hour which combines Rocket 1 and 2 

Saturday - Day of rest